Kristen’s Media Criteria

Here are the qualities I look for when choosing the media I consume. Whether it is a comic book, cooking show, a weekly magazine, a videogame, billboard or a novel, this is what I’m after. You can also see some of the movies, websites and books I’ve chosen.

  • Compassionate. Whether in the principal content the subtle cultural backdrop, characters model cooperation, humor, compassionate (non-violent) communication,  sustainable living, connection, inclusion and healthy community. They do it in ways that are authentic, inspiring or even surprising to me.
  • Empowering. The viewer or reader feels empowered, is given choices and can make up their own options.  The storyline features characters who are grounded in their power (rather than helpless victims) who stand up for what they believe and act hopefully. Interactive and participatory. Choose your own adventure. DIY.
  • Unconditional. Freedom to play, view or participate without concern for prizes, punishments, rewards, guilt or judgements. Filled with inclusion, cooperation and flexibility rather than comparisons and competition. Characters, viewers and participants are valued because of their inherent good, not because of labels, expectations, rank or score. Avoids conditional payoffs, such as the need to have a happy ending, required plot points, or the predictable exchange of goods, money, thank yous or stature between characters as a forced effort to even everything out.
  • Delightful. Pretty pictures! Fun! Dazzles and intrigues. Interesting and unusual, with colorful descriptions and beautiful landscapes. Captivating music. Ludical, graceful, humorous and loving worlds to play in. Provides images and ideas that I want to populate my head, and by law of attraction, my world.
  • Informative. Provides practical tips, real facts, photographs and information that help the participant become literate-in languages, finances, media, culture, numbers and develop as a healthy person in a compassionate world. Models rather than instructs. Lets the viewer choose what is important to them.
  • Sustainable. Demonstrates in as many ways possible respect for life in all its forms, a long-term vision, an understanding of interconnectedness, and the importance of acting in a way that sustains life.

One Response to “Kristen’s Media Criteria”

  1. Emily Says:

    some of my favorite movies:

    Little House on the Prairie (series)
    Planet Earth (BBC)
    Pippi Longstocking (from 1969)
    Pippi on the Run
    Pippi in the South Seas
    Pippi Goes on Board
    The Children of Noisy Village
    More about the Children of Noisy Village
    Sheep Crossing
    Let’s go To The Farm
    George Balanchine’s The Nutcracker

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