Movies and Videos

Here are some of my favorite movies and videos: stories, characters and images I choose to put in my head. See an explanation of the criteria I use for choosing these movies (compassionate, empowering, unconditional, beautiful, informative and sustainable). Please add yours in a comment below.

  • The Point– A wonderful illustration of how it is to live in a world where everything must have a point! The rock man is an inspiring character who knows how to “take life eeeaassyy”. And Oblio, the star boy rises to the challenge of being empowered to find his place in the world without violence or competition.
  • Run Lola Run– This movie fills me with a sense of abundance that there are a million different possibilities in every moment. Lola is an active participant in her fate as she gets to relive and choose how her life plays out during a critical 20 minute period.
  • The Little Cow– Ok, this is just plain funny. Or maybe not. If you are feeling silly, have a go. And once you learn the song it is a great way to lighten your mood wherever you are.
  • My Neighbor Totoro– Such beautiful scenery for a “cartoon”! And a cat bus!! Thats the kind of imaginative guidance I’m looking for- could you imagine walking on one of those barefoot? The characters are models for me too- the way the children and their father respect and relate to the forest spirits, the way the bring forth their inner power to shine a light on whatever haunts them from soot sprites to their mother’s illness, the way the father trusts the children to take care of themselves, and Mei, the little one’s trust and bravery with the unknown.
  • Kiki’s Delivery Service– An example of a young girl, trusted by her family and strangers to go out and find her way as a young witch. She stays in tune with her feelings and lets them be her guide. Also a refreshing view of witchcraft and magic. And again, beautiful scenery.
  • Together–  An enlightening example of a group of really different people managing to get along, well…together.
  • Whale Rider–  Features an inspiring empowered girl child. Models respect for elders, animals, nature and culture, and dealing with conflict nonviolently. The acting is really well done too.
  • La sequia– “The Drought” A vintage and quirky animation about cooperation.
  • The Lorax– Dr. Seuss film that is lays a complex groundwork for a discussion about sustainability. Models a very empowered little boy.

2 Responses to “Movies and Videos”

  1. Anna Soderberg Says:

    Hey–great choices!
    What is year on Together?
    Where can we see these?

  2. kristenmckee Says:

    Together was from 2000. I saw it when it was out, but you could probably rent it.

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