Help Wanted

Here are the things I would love to do if I had the chance. Of course each requires a certain combination of desire, time, money, experience, skill, talent and social capital. Though they all sound fascinating to me, you might be just the person to make them happen! That would be great! If you do make any of these happen (or have already done so) please let me know so I can delight in the reality. I of course prefer that these are available to me in Northeast Portland, but if they exist elsewhere let me know about that too.

  • NEW! Wanted: Caring persons who love plants to nurture seeds of local native endangered plants and trees in their homes and gardens. Also seeking coordinator and volunteers for community garden nursery where caretakers can come for advice and resources.

  • Wanted: Various positions- entrepeneurial spirited individuals to create a publishing house that specializes in bringing to existence print, audio and video materials that tell stories that place importance on respect for children, play, peace, self-sufficiency, community and cooperation (rather than competition, conditionality, punishment, rewards and wealth). Includes a variety of materials, fiction and non-fiction, educational and entertainment, everything fro cookbooks, biographies, to fairy-tales to how-to videos.  The house functions by providing materials that serve those who wish to make those values come to life by surrounding themselves with stories, pictures, sounds and images that do the same. (recipality) Experience and expertise in financial management, organizational skills and teamwork.

  • Wanted: Coordinator for weekly cooperative play group. Lead a group of mixed-age children in fun play activities that provoke laughter, creative problem solving and cooperation in a non-competitive atmosphere. Presence required, toys and other matierals optional. Here are a few to get started.

  • Wanted: Media Nutritionists to meet with patients suffering from depression, disillusionment, obesity, headaches and other physical and mental ailments to assess their media intake and provide them with healthier options for taking in stories including plots and characters that model healthy lifestyles and refreshing and unique perspectives on life. Also provide alternative methods for a healthier and balanced story intake including books, theater, and personal relationships.

  • Wanted: Diverse group of urban neighbors to create a shared space for local humans and other wildlife by means of fenceless backyards on a single city block. (Kudos to Peacock Lane and the neighbors on NE 11th who all got together on parking strip plantings, for similar feats of shared spaces.)

  • Wanted: Community-minded entrepreneur to open a restaurant/café that features small-portion, inexpensive, simple menu items ($1-3, potato salad, bruschetta, a few fruit slices) made from fresh, organic and local ingredients. Location with indoor/outdoor seating (in or near one of our parks would be great). A place where I could walk to meet a friend and have a snack without spoiling my dinner. Coffee served in 8 oz. glasses European style. People encouraged to connect rather than consume.

  • Wanted: Game designer to create a high-quality, fun, on-line games for various ages that allow participants to learn literacy basics (media, financial, health and language), create beautiful things, role-play non-violent conflict resolution, do really silly fun things that you couldn’t do in reality, without being rewarded or punished in the end. Game titles might include: “Poking around in a perfume factory”, “Buddha Visits Iraq”, “What would happen if…?”, “You’re three. Fully stocked kitchen. Lets cook.”

  • Wanted: Web-designer/blogger to create a directory of such games. Site should include games for various skill levels child to adult.

  • Wanted: Loving, caring, nonjudgemental adult to listen and be present for an unhappy child who is unaware that things could be a lot better for them. Local preferred. Duties negotiable, may include adoption, foster parent, volunteering at local school or being available to children who are friends and neighbors.

  • Wanted: Community organizer to set up agenda-free, monthly discussion groups at local café in gentrifying neighborhood. Must recruit diverse neighbors to attend. New topic each month such as: family, voting, religion, transportation, children etc.

  • Wanted: City planner to coordinate program that grants property tax discounts for residents willing to exchange the parking space in front of their house for a ground swale. Must snip through red tape like a warm knife through butter, promote, recruit and partner, and arrange for candidate education on native plants and watershed.

  • Wanted: Swing-shift entrepeneur to open a parent-child-friendly indoor destination with stuff to climb on, chamomile tea service, and changing room that is open weekdays and weekends from 6-10 p.m.

  • Wanted: Parks planner to create outdoor, lighted, covered play structure in various city parks, ideal for use on dark rainy winter days. Thank you Marlys and King School parents and staff!! You read my mind!

  • Wanted:Business minded entrepeneur with experience in hospitality management to open a “nap cafe” in downtown area where professionals with only short breaks can seek an alternative to coffee in a cozy, safe nap area, with wake-up service provided.


2 Responses to “Help Wanted”

  1. Cassandra Says:

    I love this list! I think I’ve found bits and pieces of it here and there, but never the whole!
    It speaks to the challenges of having a young family in a city.
    Now that I’ve moved from a city to a “semi-rural” area, I have a slightly different wish list, but most of the motivating factors are the same.

  2. susan Says:

    swales, native plants, watersheds, ahhhhh music to my ears. Did you know one of my dreams is to spend a lot of my time and energy restoring watersheds, especially for salmon, and wetlands, for over all soil cleansing?

    hehehehe, i was just thinking of using some of our winter break time at the school to build a ladder and some kind of platform to jump off of and onto a mattress. the kids really need to climb and bounce! safely.


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